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The United Voice for Eradication of Prostitution is a non-governmental organisation that counsels teenage prostitutes, educates them on the pitfalls of selling sex, and administers rehabilitation programmes.

Technology has also made it easier for buyers of sex and teens who sell it, including a proliferation of sex-trade apps downloaded on to smart phones, the group’s counsellor Shim A-ra says.

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The new edition is coming out every day, so you will not be waiting for too long. She cited the case of an 18-year-old runaway prostitute she had counselled.Three weeks after becoming romantically involved with a young man and moving in with him, he and seven friends gang-raped her.Mi-kyung says the reason she first fled home was that, like Yu-ja, she wanted to avoid schoolwork and be with friends.Showing up with hair and lips coloured bright red, Mi-kyung insisted she had never sold sex despite living on the streets for years.

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