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"Dirty" by Megan Hart, , Amazon These days, you can't talk erotica without mentioning "Fifty Shades of Grey." Seriously, though, we're over it.

Thankfully, Hart puts a refreshing twist on the stale Ana-Christian dynamic.

I couldn't judge her, though, since I've been there myself.

Free your own libido with this steamy, thrilling tale about sexual liberation.

"I just don't feel like it anymore," my friend said in response to my question about her sex life.

In a series of texts that followed, she explained she was just sexually tapped out.

Instead, dive into the novel, and don't be surprised when your sex drive is roaring after the first few chapters.

There's so much sex in this book, you'll be forced to go out and get some for yourself.

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The erotica inside of an erotic novel is meta, which can seem a little too obvious.

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