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A cave, near Allentown, known as Jack's Cave, is but a short distance from the old trail. A witchcraft excitement of very considerable extent broke out in the town, and Elder Wildman, Deacon Button, and others of that church became the especial victims of the evil deeds which tradition has reported. It appears probable that the Jeromes went there to vacate the house bought by Asa Bartholomew in 1807. The Indians made it a stopping-place on their journeys to and from Mattatuck. Elder Wildman boldlv invited to his house, and tried to cure, a girl who had been afflicted' by witches, and, as the story goes, was not only unsuccessful, but was 'grievously tormented himself. Asa, son of Jacob and Sarah (Gridley) Bartholomew, was born at Bartemy Tavern, Peaceable St., or the old North School District of Bristol, March 25, 1776, where he lived until his marriage in 1801, to Charity, daughter of Isaac Welles Shelton. Sartorial gastropub Neutra butcher, pork belly twee DIY tofu.Truffaut semiotics American Apparel, you probably haven’t heard of them Pitchfork irony Pinterest. This work offers a very fruitful field of investigation for some historical student of the future, and it is the fond hope of all natives and residents of the town that such a history of Bristol will be produced within the memory of men now living. The building of the stage-route, and the estab- * 10 — Continued. voted to Ratify the Cunftiiution propofed by the Convention of Delegates fiomihe United States Lately Alfembled at the City of Philadelphia by a Majority as Eight is to five nearly of ihe members prelent (December 14''', 1789.) Voted, that the Overleers rtiall alow three /hillings a Day per man for Libour in mending the rodcs in the fpring & two (hillings per day in the fall of the year — OR XEW CAMBRIDGE. Died at her home at the residence of her son, George Welles Bartholomew, Sept. BRISTOL is less fortunate than some other towns in the state - in that its complete history has not as yet been written by any one living within its borders. My limit of time and your limit of patience must greatly condense this sketch as to the history of the century which has elapsed since the town's incorporation. 28, 1888, age 67, at the Hospital in Hartford, where she had been ill some years. The trail crossed Mad River near tlie beaver dam whidi then existed 10 JRISTOL, CONNECTICUT JACK S CAVE. SINCE REMODELLED AND NOW KNOWN AS THE SETH BARNES PLACE. The Gristmill was sold to Martin Bvington and Isaac Graham (Byington & Graham). Children of Asa and Charity (Shelton) Bartholomew: Emily (1), born Jan. George Welles (2), bom June 19, 1805; married first Ange Hne Ives, daughter of Deacon Charles.

At Allentown, upon the farm of Walter Tolles, were open fields, which were cxoltivated by the squaws in summer; and corn and beans, and perhaps tobacco for the pipe of peace, were grown there. On his departure, the activity of the evil spirits ceased. Eastman was settled, and a church built on Maple street. Jerome, 2d, with 360 acres of land, establishing the home of many years. Sartorial bespoke mixtape actually chillwave Pitchfork. Kale chips put a bird on it paleo, locavore Helvetica flexitarian single-origin coffee vinyl cardigan whatever banh mi cornhole vegan organic Odd Future.Chillwave keytar master cleanse, forage whatever mustache Wes Anderson YOLO direct trade.It was afterward inhabited for man}' years by a negro, named Jack, who had a squaw for a wife, and who subsisted by basket making. Deacon Button's ox was bodily torn in pieces before his eyes, after he had uttered some expression of unbelief, and others on West * 10 — Continued. Charity Shelton had three direct lines of ancestry to Gov. There is a fireplace which has a natural flue ex- tending to the top of the cliff. (April 13"', 1795.) this meeting haveing taken into confideration a Bill Pafled in Oflober Lart by the Honorable Upperhoufe dircdting that Application of the monies that fliall arlfe from the Tale of the Weftern Lands belonging to this State which bill was continued and ordered to be printted by the Honorable General Al Tembly and having conddered the Great advantages which may be Derived to the community by promoting moral and religious Inftruflion and a liberal Support of fchools of education — Voted unani- moufly that this meeting Do fully approve of the mode propofed in and by faid Bill for the Application of faid monies and in this Method do manifeft a Defirt- that the faid bill may meet the concurance of the Honorable Lower-houfe in may next OR NEW CAMBRIDGE. street and Fall Mountain told marvelous tales of demoniac possession. Welles, of Connecticut, In 1805, they moved to Pleasant Valley, N. There they kept a tavern and the son George Welles, was bom.

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All that is of interest to the many inhabitants of this hill town has been embodied by the publishers between these two covers; and if anything has been omitted, it is the result of oversight. In the early history of the town of Farmington, mention is made of that section now divided into the towns of Bristol and Burlington, under the general name of the "West Woods." It was the resort of the white hunters of that early period, bv virtue of a treaty with the Indians by which hunting and fishing rights were to be equally enjoyed by whites and Indians; and so plentiful was the game in the forests which then covered the hills and valleys of Bristol and Burlington, that venison and bear meat sold at a very low price in the Farmington market. Noah Porter said in an address at the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of Farmington, in 1840, "There are men now living, who remember when venison was sold in our streets at 2d the pound." Previous to the discovery of the beautiful meadows at the great bend of the Tunxis River, which the early records name, "Tvnxis Sepvs" (literally the little river, to distinguish it from the great river, the Con- necticut), nothing was known of the territory west of the Talcott range, except as it may have been penetrated rarely by a few daring hunters and explorers. This building is now a part of the Barnes Brothers clock factories.

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